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The Age of Unaccountability

I’ve been trying to find a topic to write about these past two weeks, but haven’t found something that really inspired me into outrage. I’ve just become too jaded. There have been stories of incompetence and abuse of authority – the rising aviation accident death rate due to Transport Canada’s refusal to act as a […]

A man of courage

Last week I had the honour to accompany Hugh Danford, a whistleblower of great courage, to the Office of the Public Sector Integrity Commissioner. Hugh is a former pilot with many, many years in the cockpit and who served as an aviation safety inspector at Transport Canada from 1996 to about 2004. Following a 1999 […]

The Clerk, the flag and ideal public servant

Sorry for the long period since my last post, but I’ve been out of town on a trip to speak about whistleblowing. And, of course, being stuck in a metal tube for four hours was just what my already tired and stressed body needed – so I caught a cold, complete with laryngitis. But I’m […]