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Fantino: cloudy priorities in sunny Cyprus

Sean Bruyea On March 12, the flag lowered in Kabul, Canada’s most costly mission since WWII. Not a single Conservative MP attended. The next day, while eastern Canada recovered from a snowstorm, Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) Julian Fantino flew to a sunny Mediterranean destination. It has been 50 years since the UN mission […]

Mock Consultation: Subjecting Veterans to an Ugly Political Game

Sean Bruyea There has been no shortage of excuses and red herrings from government to avoid making substantive improvements in the lives of Canada’s veterans and their families. This inaction has catalyzed veterans’ communities to forge a near unanimous game plan. Government has merely chosen to play another sport. Once upon a time, government had […]

Just One More Reason for a Commission of Inquiry into Veterans’ Issues

The article below was first published in Ottawa’s Hill Times on January 23, 2012 For Canada’s injured military, veterans and their families, there are few government agencies so singularly reviled as the Veterans Review and Appeal Board. The federal quasi-judicial body which hears reviews and appeals from injured soldiers and veterans applying for disability benefits […]