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Another whistleblower bites the dust

Ian Bron Three weeks ago, Sylvie Therrien, a federal Employment Insurance fraud investigator, was fired for leaking documents that exposed a quota that she and her coworkers were required to meet. She is the latest victim of a continued war against whistleblowers in the federal government, one that has not slowed despite the passage of […]

Media Update for January 22, 2011

More Swiss bank whistleblowing; whistleblower arrested: The story of the bank whistleblower Rudolf Elmer continues to develop. Elmer, who was a long-time employee of the Swiss bank Julius Baer, blew the whistle on tax evasion and other activities facilitated by the bank in 2008. What he did is illegal in Switzerland, which built its banking […]

More on how the U.S. goes after whistleblowers it doesn’t like

I’ve included an old (and colourful)  blog posting by the Government Accountability Project on Brad Birkenfeld, the whistleblower who exposed massive tax evasion in the U.S. – and was thanked by the U.S. government with a 40-month jail term. The charge: stealing company documents from the bank UBS. Not one of the tax evaders was […]