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Government doesn’t care about whistleblowers

Sean Bruyea Canada’s Public Sector Integrity Commissioner, Clerk of the Privy Council, President of Treasury Board and Pierre Poilievre need some serious schooling from University of Saskatchewan’s recent uproar over the unjust firing of a whistleblowing professor. Maybe then public servant whistleblowers who truly care about the public will be protected and not persecuted by an […]

Another perspective on sick leave increases

Allan Cutler  This piece was first published in the Hill Times on February 17, 2014. There is a move by the current Conservative government to reduce sick leave benefits for the rank and file public servants. The argument is that the amount of sick leave being used has increased from the past and is excessive. Treasury Board […]

A growing need for change

The papers have been filled with accountability stories. Or rather, the lack of it in the face of obvious corruption or mismanagement. From Quebec, the stories are all about the construction industry corruption inquiry. This has been brewing for months, and almost died. Premier Jean Charest, who had been taking the heat for a while […]