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When I first started 10 years ago, whistleblowing was a dirty word

It has been 10 years since the Liberals’ Sponsorship Scandal and my elevation to be known as “The Whistleblower.” This was not my choice. Leadership comes in various forms. The most common is those who seek to be the leader. The least common is being forced to be a leader by representing something of importance. That […]

Whistleblowers: Vilified for Doing the Right Thing?

The following piece was first published in the Epoch Times on March 25, 2014.. Treat whistleblowers with respect, says sponsorship scandal hero By Justina Reichel, Epoch Times Whistleblowers should be hailed as heroes but are all too often stigmatized, harassed, marginalized and blacklisted for life, says the former public servant who blew the whistle on the federal […]

For whistleblowers, reprisals and stigmas are for life

Allan Cutler Ever since the federal Sponsorship Scandal, Canadians have become more aware of whistleblowing and it importance. However, most remain blissfully unaware that things have not changed for whistleblowers. Even worse, the stigma sticks with them for life – even though they have done the right thing, helping all Canadians. I became nationally known […]