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Hiring veterans not a priority for O’Toole

by Sean Bruyea    For the first time in eight decades, issues affecting Canada’s military veterans issues are featured prominently in an election.    With so much at stake, why would government yet again mess up another issue with veterans: priority hiring into the federal public service? Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole, in another installment […]

Prime Minister Harper: Thank you for Julian Fantino

Dear Prime Minister Harper: Gosh, the Veterans Affairs portfolio has been difficult hasn’t it? I don’t think you have received enough credit however for appointing Julian Fantino as the Department’s Minster. He has been a blessing in disguise to Canada’s disabled veterans and their families. Canadians, particularly veterans, may be widely repulsed by the constant shenanigans […]

Parliament throws veterans under the bus, yet again

Sean Bruyea Veterans have every reason to be disillusioned with Ottawa once again. But this time, the disappointment could become the nail in Minister Julian Fantino’s Veterans Affairs coffin. The House Veterans Affairs Committee released its much anticipated report reviewing the New Veterans Charter (NVC). The legislation required a “comprehensive review” to begin last November […]