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Media Update for April 14, 2011

Canadian food safety criticized by Canadian Medical Association Journal: I picked up another food safety story from one of my favourite blogs, barfblog. Doug Powell, who is a Canadian at Kansas State University, has a posting on the state of food inspection in Canada. This when we’re in the midst of another food contamination outbreak […]

B.C. Court rules that Transport Canada can be held liable in lawsuit

Most people remember the 2008 listeriosis outbreak which killed 23 Canadians, and many will recall that part of the reason it happened was because the Canadian Food Inspection Agency had delegated most inspection duties to the meat packers. Government inspectors were just responsible for making sure that a system of inspection was in place – […]

Media Update for April 29, 2010

My first story pertains to Perry Dunlop, the former police officer from Cornwall, Ontario, who blew the whistle of the sexual abuse of minors in that city. Despite being decorated and respected, he faced years of cover-ups and reprisals for his persistence and dedication in bringing the issue to public light. He finally succeeded in […]