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Media Update for December 22, 2010

News Summary and Comment: There continues to be fallout from the Auditor General of Canada’s report on Christiane Ouimet, the now-retired and disgraced Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada. Media commentators are condemning her, with a number of stories outlining how she missed obvious cases of malfeasance. I think this is great, of course, but […]

Media Update for August 2, 2010

Posted by Ian Bron News Summary and Comment: In the news today, I lead again with the “revolt” that has taken place in the RCMP against the Commissioner, Bill Elliot. Elliot, a civilian appointee to the RCMP’s top spot, has been accused of being abusive and, between the lines, not very competent. His defenders are […]

Media Update for April 19, 2010

News Summary and Comment: There are many accountability stories again today, but the three key ones are the same as last week: the judge selection scandal in Quebec, the Helena Guergis affair and the Afghan detainee controversy. The first, dealing with allegations that Premier Jean Charest knew that judge appointments were being tainted by construction […]