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A growing need for change

The papers have been filled with accountability stories. Or rather, the lack of it in the face of obvious corruption or mismanagement. From Quebec, the stories are all about the construction industry corruption inquiry. This has been brewing for months, and almost died. Premier Jean Charest, who had been taking the heat for a while […]

Leaked report on Quebec construction industry corruption shows sickness in the system

The latest revelations from Quebec are sure to kill Premier Jean Charest’s not-so-secret plans to call a snap Fall election. There had been much speculation about the possibility given his recent surge in the polls, something which arose because of chaos in the ranks of his opponents. But the leaking of portions of a report […]

Jean Charest, the best politician of a generation? I don’t think so

I’d just like to start with a note to all readers that Canadians for Accountability now has a Twitter feed. You can find it at!/C4A_NewsComment. For today’s post, I’d like to comment briefly on a small story that ran last week. It seems that former Conservative minister Lawrence Cannon thinks that Quebec Premier Jean […]