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Time to turn a new leaf with whistleblowers

We are now about six months into the new Liberal government mandate. It’s a good time to stop and take stock. From a whistleblowing viewpoint, has anything changed under the new regime? There are some indicators of a positive change. In November 2015, scientists were reported to have been “unmuzzled.” We’ve also heard from public […]

Another whistleblower bites the dust

Ian Bron Three weeks ago, Sylvie Therrien, a federal Employment Insurance fraud investigator, was fired for leaking documents that exposed a quota that she and her coworkers were required to meet. She is the latest victim of a continued war against whistleblowers in the federal government, one that has not slowed despite the passage of […]

Media Update for April 8, 2010

News Summary and Comment: Today’s big news is that whistleblower Joanna Gualtieri was finally able to wrangle a settlement out the government. Her fight started some 17 years ago, when she identified the abuse of public funds in overseas housing for Department of Foreign Affairs officials. A campaign of reprisal followed, which eventually triggered her […]