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Government still mum on whether it will staff appointments commission

This story has been around for five years now. Back in 2006, just after Harper won his first minority, he started to fulfill his promise to create a public appointments commission. In theory, that would have ended (or at least weakened) the patronage system by having all public appointments go through a merit-based process. But […]

Stating the obvious – public appointments process called a “fiction”

In an offshoot of the story about Dimitri Soudas’ pressure on the Port of Montreal to hire a favoured candidate (which I blogged on April 23rd), the former chair of the Old Port of Montreal called the appointments process a fiction. That is, the process is controlled by politicians and their minions. This is no […]

A very telling denial in Soudas controversy

The latest election controversy is that of allegations that Stephen Harper’s chief of staff, Dimitri Soudas, interfered with the appointment of Montreal Port Authority’s new president. According to some, Soudas tried to lean on the MPA’s board to appoint someone they like – and who was well connected with one Tony Accurso, who is knee […]