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Harper’s Man Friday

Ian Bron and Allan Cutler Last week, the government announced that Stephen Harper had appointed a new Integrity Commissioner, Joe Friday, who has been with the office since 2008 and was the last Commissioner’s Deputy. This was not a surprise to us, but it is a disappointment. It is also a slap in the face […]

The Age of Unaccountability

I’ve been trying to find a topic to write about these past two weeks, but haven’t found something that really inspired me into outrage. I’ve just become too jaded. There have been stories of incompetence and abuse of authority – the rising aviation accident death rate due to Transport Canada’s refusal to act as a […]

Here’s the real skinny on how power works in Ottawa

Published in the Hill Times on September 19, 2011 We should be forgiven if we believe that ministers, or in the case of this government, the Prime Minister’s Office is in complete control of Ottawa. This dogma of the Westminster model of government stands in the way of reality. Given the need to restore Canadians’ […]