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Sylvie Therrien, 2014 Golden Whistle Award Winner

Last Monday, POGG Canada and Canadians for Accountability awarded the seventh annual Golden Whistle Award. This Award is presented annually to honour a whistleblower for integrity, courage, and resolve in the service of “Peace, Order and Good Government”. As usual, there were a number of worthy candidates, but unfortunately only one can be chosen. This year, the award went to Sylvie Therrien, a former employee who blew the whistle on a grossly unethical policy targeting employment insurance claimants.

When she started her job as a federal Employment Insurance fraud investigator, Ms. Therrien was surprised to find out that the main – perhaps only – measure of her performance was whether she had met her target for cutting off EI claimants on the basis of fraud: $35,000-$40,000 per month. If she had been able to meet those targets using  only those who had actually committed fraud, it’s likely we would never have heard of her. By her estimate, only a very small minority were actual fraud cases – as low as one in twenty.

Rather than assessing each case on the basis of its merits and assuming innocence until proven guilty, she and other fraud inspectors were told to comb through people lives to find any excuse to cut benefits.… Read the rest

Golden Whistle Award Presentation – March 31, 2014

In conjunction with POGG Canada, Canadians for Accountability will be presenting the seventh annual Golden Whistle Award on Monday March 31. Join us at 6:30 at the Ottawa Army Officers Mess, 149 Somerset Street West, in Ottawa. Tickets in advance for POGG members and non-members is $25. For more information, go to the POGG Meeting Programs page, or download the flyer.… Read the rest

2013 Golden Whistle Award Presentation: Monday, March 18

The time has almost come for the presentation of the 2013 Golden Whistle Award. The Golden Whistle Award is an annual award given by POGG (Peace, Order and Good Government), an Ottawa-based discussion group led by Harry Weldon. The award is sponsored by Canadians for Accountability and is awarded annually to an individual who has done a service to Canada in the pursuit of truth in government.

This year the Award is going to Evan Vokes, BSc., P.Eng., of Calgary, Alberta. Mr. Vokes was a professional materials engineer and whistleblower at TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL).

During Mr. Vokes’ employment with TCPL he made positive technical and business changes while repeatedly questioning the business practices and competency of some managers and pipeline inspectors. He informed TCPL through several levels of management that the failure to follow code and regulation was key in a then-recent catastrophic failure of a new pipeline. In response to an invitation from TCPL CEO, Mr. Vokes expressed concems about what he viewed as TCPL’s negligence regarding enforcement of compliance with the National Energy Board (NEB) Onshore Pipeline Regulations. Several events of current non-compliance were tabled and it was noted that, though Mr. Vokes was accountable, he was not in control of those events.… Read the rest