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The inaccessibility of politicians

Allan Cutler

I have a problem. No, I am mistaken, I have two problems. The first problem is an awareness of potential corruption and fraud on Ontarians at the federal level. The second problem is the difficulty of discussing what appears to be a bureaucratic cover-up with federal politicians.

When you are trying to expose what appears to be a serious, multi-million-dollar problem that Ontarians have been made to pay for, you cannot afford to limit yourself to one party. You have to approach all of them in the hope that one will take action. Without going into details regarding what I view as a serious case of potential corruption or fraud, let me explain my actions with regard to each of the four parties represented in the House of Commons.

First, there is the Green Party. Originally I sent an email to Elizabeth May on July 8, 2013. The result: nothing, not even an acknowledgement. When May was at meeting in Winnipeg, Cecilia Basic, the western regional director for Canadians for Accountability, attended the meeting. According to Cecilia, May expressed an interest in meeting with us. Based on that, I sent another email on Oct. 16, 2013. The result: exactly the same, nothing, not even an acknowledgement.… Read the rest

A sad lack of accountability on F-35s and transportation safety

In case you’re not Canadian or haven’t seen any news at all this week, the Auditor General released a report in which he blasts the Department of National Defence and Transport Canada. The Canada Revenue Agency also received criticism, but not quite as blistering.

Andrew Coyne has some spot-on comments about the government’s obviously conscious attempt to deceive Parliament and Canadians about the costs of the F-35, so I won’t repeat what he’s said – just go to the link below. Remember that he’s a right-leaning journalist, too, so if he’s damning, well, it’s got to be bad. (I have great respect for his work and commentary, by the way.)

I would simply add that while I believe that the Tories are complicit in this cover-up (and let’s be honest – how different would the Chrétien Liberals have been?) it’s the role of bureaucrats that I have greatest concern about. These people are supposed to be sober, neutral and honest. If anyone is going to take the big risks, it’s supposed to be the politicians.

But clearly they’re not. Clearly, that role of the bureaucracy has been undermined. And I don’t think that it’s just the fault of the Conservatives (and the Liberals before them).… Read the rest

Air cadet whistleblower faced reprisals

Sometimes little stories like this just slip by with nobody paying attention. Fortunately, that was not the case this time. It tells about how one Air Cadet instructor questioned his boss about another instructor who had a criminal conviction for a sexual offence.

The Air Cadets are administered by the Canadian Armed Forces and contain the same rank structure, so the potential for abuse of authority is high – what with the not-questioning-orders thing. Still, the offence was committed 30 years ago, and was pardoned. Assuming 30 years of good behaviour, is it possible that the offender is simply no longer a threat? (I, for one, believe that people can change. I also believe in balancing risks and rights.)

What interests me most about this case, though, is how the dissenting officer was treated. It really shows how the more rigid the environment, the more likely a reprisal is. Thankfully, the Minister of National Defence’s office stepped in and put a stop to the nonsense. Kudos to them.


Cadets’ parents kept in dark about sex offender
London Free Press, February 18, 2011
Summary: The Air Cadet organization is failing in its duty to protect children by allowing a pardoned sex offender to instruct here, a reservist says.… Read the rest