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The Failure of the Throne Speech

Ian Bron and Allan Cutler The following piece ran in the Hill Times on October 21, 2013. We had hoped that that the Conservatives would commit to protecting Canadians values through the Throne Speech. We had watched and waited for improvements in existing laws already designed to protect these values. But we did not waste […]

Does Canada need patronage?

Every now and then I come across a column or editorial that surprises me with its audacity. The one linked below is an excellent example. Written by Jordan Press, a Parliamentary journalist and self-acclaimed news literacy junkie, it builds a case on the merits of patronage in Canadian politics. He draws on experts in the […]

Government still mum on whether it will staff appointments commission

This story has been around for five years now. Back in 2006, just after Harper won his first minority, he started to fulfill his promise to create a public appointments commission. In theory, that would have ended (or at least weakened) the patronage system by having all public appointments go through a merit-based process. But […]