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Media Update for November 15, 2010

The Quebec construction industry corruption scandal continues to batter Jean Charest and his government in Quebec. Opposition parties are being very vocal about wanting a public inquiry, with Charest steadfastly refusing. This is being interpreted by the public as him having something to hide. Others note, however, that a public inquiry would get in the […]

Media Update for November 11, 2010

Today is, of course, Remembrance Day. It’s a day that has renewed importance to many Canadians with the many soldiers who are serving in Afghanistan – and the many casualties of that conflict. This makes it all the sadder that stores keep coming out about how poorly the new veterans are being treated by the […]

Media Update for September 27, 2010

“When Roméo Dallaire advocates for improvement in the way we treat our injured soldiers, does his psychiatric file, and the distortions thereof, end up on the minister’s desk? When the auditor general has something to say about the minister of finance, does her tax return show up on the minister’s desk?” The very relevant and […]