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Access to information abuses show that Governments are still hoarding their secrets

There have been a series of stories about how the federal and provincial governments continue to abuse access to information laws (also known as freedom of information). These laws are supposed to give Canadians access to government records – records made by people whose salary they pay. Of course, this isn’t happening the way it […]

Our letter to the Ontario Ombudsman, about accountability in Ontario schools

Below you will find the text of our letter to André Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, expressing our concerns about the way the Ontario College of Teachers has handled its mandate to police the profession, and how it treated Jim Black, a whistleblower who spoke out against the reinstatement of sexual offenders. ================================================= 27 May 2011 […]

Police continue to cover up G20 abuses

I find it interesting that the Toronto Sun, which is generally regarded as a right-wing tabloid, is pursuing the 2010 G20 summit police abuses more vigorously than any other newspaper. Perhaps it’s because the Ontario government is a Liberal one – but then, the excesses seem to implicate the federal government as well. In fact, […]