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There’s no accountability at Veterans Affairs Canada

Three weeks ago, John Larlee, chair of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board, responded to an op-ed written by Sean Bruyea. Bruyea’s comprehensive evidence and testimony effectively called Larlee to account for the failure of the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) to provide dignified and adequate recourse for veterans as guaranteed by Canadian law.

Denis Rancourt vs. the U of O: the saga continues

Last week I and a number of members of Canadians for Accountability attended the mandatory arbitration hearing for Denis Rancourt, who was fired by the University of Ottawa in 2009. The reason given was his pedagogy – which, contrary to university policy, included a simple pass/fail system in which those who passed got an A+. […]

The tenuous link between performance and accountability in government

Here are three stories that at first seem largely unrelated: In the first, the government has started cutting back in the public service, beginning with cuts at Public Works. On the face of it, and aside from the Prime Minister’s election promise that he wouldn’t do this, that’s not a bad idea. I estimate that […]