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A sad lack of accountability on F-35s and transportation safety

In case you’re not Canadian or haven’t seen any news at all this week, the Auditor General released a report in which he blasts the Department of National Defence and Transport Canada. The Canada Revenue Agency also received criticism, but not quite as blistering.

Andrew Coyne has some spot-on comments about the government’s obviously conscious attempt to deceive Parliament and Canadians about the costs of the F-35, so I won’t repeat what he’s said – just go to the link below. Remember that he’s a right-leaning journalist, too, so if he’s damning, well, it’s got to be bad. (I have great respect for his work and commentary, by the way.)

I would simply add that while I believe that the Tories are complicit in this cover-up (and let’s be honest – how different would the Chrétien Liberals have been?) it’s the role of bureaucrats that I have greatest concern about. These people are supposed to be sober, neutral and honest. If anyone is going to take the big risks, it’s supposed to be the politicians.

But clearly they’re not. Clearly, that role of the bureaucracy has been undermined. And I don’t think that it’s just the fault of the Conservatives (and the Liberals before them).… Read the rest

Media Update for April 1, 2010

I have to start today by talking about the group Rights and Democracy again. I wrote a bit on this last week, concluding that although I was unsure whether or not there was political interference, I was sure there was mismanagement.

Well, this week a board member proved me right. Marco Navarro-Genie, an “assistant professor” in a university college in Alberta, wrote an op-ed for the National Post. It is the most hate-filled, politically slanted, self-interested invective I have ever read in a newspaper.

I must say that I do have misgivings about the role and necessity of Rights and Democracy. I’m just not sure Canada needs an agency designed specifically for its stated purpose and question whether it can produce any data to show any kind of effectiveness. Frankly, I think most quasi-governmental special interest agencies are a waste of money. The intentions may be good, but the results don’t materialize.

That said, this piece is proof that the Rights and Democracy board has no idea how to run an organization and that at least one individual on it is unsuited for any management role at all. What’s more, this frothing-at-the-mouth rant will only further damage the organization’s reputation.… Read the rest