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The Failure of the Throne Speech

Ian Bron and Allan Cutler The following piece ran in the Hill Times on October 21, 2013. We had hoped that that the Conservatives would commit to protecting Canadians values through the Throne Speech. We had watched and waited for improvements in existing laws already designed to protect these values. But we did not waste […]

The B.C. Rail scandal enters new phase

Most Canadians can be forgiven for not knowing about the BC Rail scandal, but it’s an interesting lesson in how corruption can creep into government. When Gordon Campbell first ran for Premier in 2001, he promised not to sell BC Rail. This position changed, though, and in 2004 it was sold to CN Rail. There […]

OECD ranking likes Canada – but watch out for trouble ahead

The news over the past week has been fairly positive. International indices have been rating Canada very high on quality of life (2nd, behind Australia) and peacefulness (in the top ten). But there have been sounds of caution, too: a month or two ago Global Integrity bumped Canada to 19th place on its corruption index. […]