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A Letter to Justice LeSage about the Ontario College of Teachers

Some of you may be aware that we have been following the case of Ontario teacher Jim Black. Jim spoke out about the Ontario College of Teachers reinstating of teacher with criminal records – records that involved sex with minors. He did this before most people knew it was a problem, and he was punished […]

Ontario’s experiment with self-regulating teachers is not going well

Today I want to comment on an Ontario issue. The Toronto Star has started a series on the teaching in Ontario (see the list below). In particular, it is focussing on the profession’s self-regulating body, the Ontario College of Teachers. This is an issue close to me as I remain in good standing with the […]

Our letter to the Ontario Ombudsman, about accountability in Ontario schools

Below you will find the text of our letter to André Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, expressing our concerns about the way the Ontario College of Teachers has handled its mandate to police the profession, and how it treated Jim Black, a whistleblower who spoke out against the reinstatement of sexual offenders. ================================================= 27 May 2011 […]