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The Afghan detainee scandal dies, while petty scandals are given full inquiries

About two weeks ago, with hardly anyone noticing, the federal government announced that it was ending the review of Afghan detainee documents. This essentially brings the scandal to an end. The review of documents was initiated after whistleblower and diplomat Richard Colvin testified in Parliamentary committee that senior government officials knew that Afghan prisoners of […]

Access to information abuses show that Governments are still hoarding their secrets

There have been a series of stories about how the federal and provincial governments continue to abuse access to information laws (also known as freedom of information). These laws are supposed to give Canadians access to government records – records made by people whose salary they pay. Of course, this isn’t happening the way it […]

Good, clean government? Not yet, at any rate.

The Auditor General’s latest report contains the usual range of incompetence and ineptitude. That also includes the G8/G20 summit spending – the information leaked to the press during the election campaign. With respect to the summits, there’s a clear problem with accountability. Parliament was lied to and the approval of projects for funding was conducted […]