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Yes, we can trust Ottawa again

Sean Bruyea Holding government accountable has been granted a ray of hope. Democracy Watch may proceed with a private prosecution of Nigel Wright for the secretive payment of $90,000 to Senator Mike Duffy. This initiative has much wider implications for ensuring greater accountability of Ottawa’s oversight agencies which have been rendered largely ineffective by design […]

Veterans deserve best democracy possible

Sean Bruyea Another Remembrance Day has come and will quickly be gone. Lest We Forget.  But we do forget. Sad because now we need to remember more than ever why so many sacrificed, both the dead and the broken who are still amongst us. They sacrificed to hold the world accountable to what are hopefully […]

Turning information technology silk purses into sows’ ears (part 1)

Here in the dead of summer, accountability news is at its low point. There have been a few stories of interest, though. About four weeks ago, the Globe and Mail ran apiece about what the author called Canada’s “accountability deficit.” In it, she describes the incredible inefficiency of government information management practices – the quirky, […]