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Dealing with workplace bullying

The Harvard Business Review is a great resource for a wide range of management topics. It frequently deals with issues that include our main interest – whistleblowing, accountability, that sort of thing.

The blog post below has excellent advice for managers about workplace bullying and the damage to productivity and morale they can do. My interest was sparked because bullies are generally unaccountable for their actions, and because nearly all whistleblowers are exposed to either bullying or (even worse) mobbing.

Rather than repeat the content of the post, I highly recommend you read it. Consider passing it on to people who may be in situation like this.

The one thing the author doesn’t discuss, though, is what happens when management itself endorses either the bully or the culture that perpetuates bullying. Canada’s federal government is a prime example. Studies show more and more bullying in the workplace, accompanied by rising rates of long term disability for mental illness. Nothing is being done about this because for most of the senior executives in government, this is how they rose to the top.

In case like that, there are few options: duck and hide, leave the organization, or join in. Sadly, too many people choose to join in.… Read the rest