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Turning information technology silk purses into sows’ ears (part 1)

Here in the dead of summer, accountability news is at its low point. There have been a few stories of interest, though. About four weeks ago, the Globe and Mail ran apiece about what the author called Canada’s “accountability deficit.” In it, she describes the incredible inefficiency of government information management practices – the quirky, […]

Democracy Watch releases its assessment of party platforms

Today Democracy Watch published its Report Card on the 2011 Good Government Election Platforms of the five main federal political parties running in the federal election. Democracy Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for good government, has been producing these reports for a number of election and refining its methodology as time has passed. […]

Media Update for November 15, 2010

The Quebec construction industry corruption scandal continues to batter Jean Charest and his government in Quebec. Opposition parties are being very vocal about wanting a public inquiry, with Charest steadfastly refusing. This is being interpreted by the public as him having something to hide. Others note, however, that a public inquiry would get in the […]