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Time to worry about the state of our democracy

Allan Cutler I worry about the state or ‘fate’ of democracy in our country. Slowly laws are being passed to restrict freedoms, stifle opposition, and reduce transparency. Sometimes I wonder what the Parliamentarians have in mind. It is convenient for the governing party to reduce the power and rights of any opposition to ensure that […]

2006 federal Conservatives election expenses case grinds on

Here’s a story that many will wish ran before voting day: the Conservatives will not be able to appeal a court decision on GST rebates it claimed from the 2006 federal election. I doubt that it would have made much of a difference in how people voted, though, as the final findings are years away. […]

Media Update for December 13, 2010

News Summary and Comment: Today’s accountability news isn’t much to comment on. There continues to be fallout from the Auditor General of Canada’s report on Christiane Ouimet, the now-retired and disgraced Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada. Some MPs are demanding she be compelled to appear before Parliamentary committee to explain her actions. While it […]