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Yes, we can trust Ottawa again

Sean Bruyea Holding government accountable has been granted a ray of hope. Democracy Watch may proceed with a private prosecution of Nigel Wright for the secretive payment of $90,000 to Senator Mike Duffy. This initiative has much wider implications for ensuring greater accountability of Ottawa’s oversight agencies which have been rendered largely ineffective by design […]

The Afghan detainee scandal dies, while petty scandals are given full inquiries

About two weeks ago, with hardly anyone noticing, the federal government announced that it was ending the review of Afghan detainee documents. This essentially brings the scandal to an end. The review of documents was initiated after whistleblower and diplomat Richard Colvin testified in Parliamentary committee that senior government officials knew that Afghan prisoners of […]

Media Update for February 26, 2011

The next target – the federal Lobbying Commissioner: Following Wednesday’s press conference calling for changes to the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, Duff Connacher of Democracy Watch is now calling for the federal Lobbying Commissioner to be audited by the Auditor General Sheila Fraser. Fraser, you will recall, savaged Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet, and now […]