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CBA refuses to investigate – or even respond to – complaint on Edgar Schmidt case

Summer is over and it’s time to catch up on some older stories. The first I’d like to tackle is that of Edgar Schmidt, the Justice Canada lawyer who took a stand against the passing of laws that didn’t meet the Constitutional smell test. You may recall that he exposed an internal policy which set […]

Canadians for Accountability files complaint with Canadian Bar Association against Justice Canada

Canadians for Accountability has filed a complaint with the Canadian Bar Association, arguing that the federal government is requiring its lawyers to violate their moral and ethical obligations and requesting that it conduct an investigation into this matter. The complaint arises from the suspension of Justice Canada lawyer Edgar Schmidt, who argued that the department […]

Canada falls from 11th to 19th in Global Integrity report

Global Integrity, a non-governmental agency based in Washington, D.C., released its 2010 Global Integrity Report today. The news for Canada is that things here are getting worse, not better. . The report found that while Canada has many good laws in place, the actual implementation and enforcement of them is lacking. In addition, they found […]