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Canada falls from 11th to 19th in Global Integrity report

Global Integrity, a non-governmental agency based in Washington, D.C., released its 2010 Global Integrity Report today. The news for Canada is that things here are getting worse, not better. .

The report found that while Canada has many good laws in place, the actual implementation and enforcement of them is lacking. In addition, they found a serious lack of accountability in government and the judiciary. Of note were observations on patronage appointments to key posts in government agencies

This isn’t news to accountability groups (or, indeed, to Canadian federal and provincial governments). If anything, we would downgrade Canada even further: the appointments process to the judiciary is seriously flawed and vulnerable to influence by politicians, and Global Integrity overrates our whistleblower protection laws. I suspect that the report was written before the Auditor General’s report on the disgraced former Public Sector Integrity Commissioner (Christiane Ouimet). Ouimet dismissed all reports of wrongdoing that came to her office, many without proper analysis or justification.

The fact is that Canada has worsening problems in its senior civil service, in government transparency, and a lack of accountability in majority governments. I recommend Democracy Watch’s comments on the report to get more detail and to pick up on what Global Integrity missed.… Read the rest

Reaping what is sown with watchdog appointments

When Canadians go to the polls this spring (assuming they do), they should make sure they’re informed. This week there were a lot of stories that illustrate why.

Most who pay attention to the news know that Christiane Ouimet, the former federal government Integrity Commissioner, was abusive and incompetent. I’d even go so far as to say corrupt.

They may even think that this is the way things have always been, with the ruling party stacking appointments with friends and allies. What they may not remember is that the Conservatives ran on the promise to end this practice – and reneged.

So what’s the result? Story after story of appointees damaging the credibility of their offices, failing to do their jobs and just being plain old incompetent.

Oh, and one more thing: even if you’re disgraced and corrupt – like Ouimet, for example – you can still be guaranteed a huge payout when you quit – like Ouimet, who got $500,000 despite the fact that she quit.

Think about that, now. The “Harper Government” paid her a huge severance usually only paid to employees fired or otherwise let go despite the fact that the Auditor General found her conduct unacceptable for a person in her position.… Read the rest