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Media Update for April 17, 2011

Advance warnings negate benefits of inspections: It seems that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is giving egg producers an easy ride when it comes to inspections. A blogger has posted that the CFIA gives as much as two weeks notice. Some producers have used this time to clean up and get their hen-houses in order. […]

Media Update for April 14, 2011

Canadian food safety criticized by Canadian Medical Association Journal: I picked up another food safety story from one of my favourite blogs, barfblog. Doug Powell, who is a Canadian at Kansas State University, has a posting on the state of food inspection in Canada. This when we’re in the midst of another food contamination outbreak […]

Media Update for January 23, 2011

The casual disregard of Canadians’ health by government and industry: There were two stories in the last week which show the disregard Canadian governments and companies have for our health. In the first, Health Canada finally put a ban on various chemicals used to soften plastic used in children’s toys. This comes years after not […]