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Birkenfeld believes there’s at least $1-billion in federal unpaid taxes in Canada

By Allan Cutler For the past four years, I have been attempting to get Bradley Birkenfeld to come to Canada and assist the Canadian government by testifying and providing valuable documentation regarding the illegal off-shore industry. Birkenfeld believes that there is at least $1-billion in federal unpaid taxes in Canada. Birkenfeld was an American banker […]

Another whistleblower bites the dust

Ian Bron Three weeks ago, Sylvie Therrien, a federal Employment Insurance fraud investigator, was fired for leaking documents that exposed a quota that she and her coworkers were required to meet. She is the latest victim of a continued war against whistleblowers in the federal government, one that has not slowed despite the passage of […]

More scandals in Quebec

Yesterday’s post dealt with accountability issues in Alberta. Today I turn my attention back to Quebec, which has had some serious problems of corruption come to light in the past couple of years. This includes corruption in the construction industry, corruption in contracts at Montreal City Hall, a highly unethical second salary paid to the […]