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Another blow to accountability in the federal government

Last week the Supreme Court dismissed an application to appeal a rejected grievance filed by a former government executive, Zabia Chamberlain. Ms. Chamberlain’s grievance was that she was sexually harassed and physically intimidated at work by her boss. The facts of the case were not in question – the man did these things repeatedly and […]

Bullying in the federal government out of control

Today I thought I would highlight a series of stories have come out of Ottawa in the past week. They pertain to bullying and mobbing in the government workplace. The story that triggered this was that of Zabia Chamberlain, who was a low-level executive being harassed and bullied by her boss. When she tried to […]

Veterans Affairs slammed for failing to punish wrongdoers

I just finished watching the political debates on TV and was discouraged that the handing of veterans got so little attention. It was just a few months ago that Sean Bruyea’s story broke, after all, and just a few weeks ago that Veteran’s Affairs announced the “punishment” for the bureaucrats who tried to destroy him. […]