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Media Update for December 22, 2010

News Summary and Comment:

There continues to be fallout from the Auditor General of Canada’s report on Christiane Ouimet, the now-retired and disgraced Public Sector Integrity Commissioner of Canada. Media commentators are condemning her, with a number of stories outlining how she missed obvious cases of malfeasance. I think this is great, of course, but wonder why on earth the press didn’t clue into this much earlier. What ever happened to investigative reporting? And why am I recycling this now tired complaint? Sigh.

On the WikiLeaks front, Apple has now dropped an app from its store that gave easy access to the whistleblowing site. For anyone hanging onto the belief that Apple is somehow different from the rest of the corporate world, this must come as a disappointment. Or perhaps, like true Apple fanatics, they’re still busy resolving the cognitive dissonance.

With respect to government transparency, government lawyers are finally agreeing to open some of the RCMP’s files on Tommy Douglas, the architect of Canadian public heath care. I doubt they will let much through, though, and will keep fighting a rearguard action to hide dirty tricks.

Also hiding facts were the board of the group Rights and Democracy.… Read the rest