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Media Update for April 17, 2011

Advance warnings negate benefits of inspections: It seems that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is giving egg producers an easy ride when it comes to inspections. A blogger has posted that the CFIA gives as much as two weeks notice. Some producers have used this time to clean up and get their hen-houses in order. […]

Media Update for April 14, 2011

Canadian food safety criticized by Canadian Medical Association Journal: I picked up another food safety story from one of my favourite blogs, barfblog. Doug Powell, who is a Canadian at Kansas State University, has a posting on the state of food inspection in Canada. This when we’re in the midst of another food contamination outbreak […]

Media Update for November 8, 2010

News Summary and Comment: Supporters of wounded veterans keeps held a protest on Parliament Hill and others across Canada this weekend. The timing of these protests is crucial, with Remembrance Day coming this week. The issue of compensation and pensions for wounded veterans has been a huge one for the Conservatives, who have professed a […]