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Letter to Committee on Internal Economy

The following letter was recently sent to the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Economy, in reference to recent reports requiring Parliamentary staff to sign a lifetime gag order.

To the Committee on Internal Economy:

It is our understanding that the Conflict of Interest, Loyalty and Confidentiality Agreement will be reviewed by the Committee on Internal Economy.

We understand the need for confidentiality. Discussions, whether in business, the public sector or in politics, are often considered confidential. There is nothing wrong with the premise. Should you want to regard your need for confidentiality as unique, “… the unique nature of my employment and, in particular, the politically sensitive and partisan environment…”, that is your prerogative. We would point out that everyone considers their situation has ‘unique’ circumstances.

However the policy, as written, goes well beyond the need for confidentiality. It is designed to cover-up any misconducts, abuse of process or people, corruption and wrong-doing. There are three items of concern.

1. According to clause 8, this is a life time prohibition. Most agreements have a sunset clause. Even the most confidential government documents are often considered open after fifty years. Many businesses have a limit of time placed on them. It would appear that a time of five years, similar to the lobbying situation, would be deemed acceptable.

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Calgary public forum for injured and/or disabled veterans

Canadians for Accountability is helping to publicize an event being held in Calgary at Mount Royal University, organized and hosted by the Foundation for Democratic Advancement. The Forum is about what is happening to injured and/or disabled veterans and why, and giving veterans an opportunity to make their voices heard by the Canadian public. Support veterans by listening to them and working with them to help improve the quality of their lives.

517,854 (or 87.14 percent) of Canadian Forces veterans receive no service or benefits from Veterans Affairs Canada. Potentially thousands of these veterans are injured and/or disabled.

The Forum is an opportunity to learn about issues that affect us and express our views openly.

In addition to other forum activities, Mr. Sean Bruyea, former Canadian Forces captain and veterans advocate, and other veterans will make presentations, share their stories and answer questions. Sean is also a Vice-president on the Board of Canadians for Accountability

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September/October Newsletter

Canadians for Accountability is launching a newsletter, championed and developed by Regional Director Cecilia Basic. This newsletter will be an opportunity for the Board to keep our members, donors and other interested parties informed. It will be coming out six times a year. Although it will likely evolve over time, at present it includes an update on our activities and initiatives, calls for help, and a case study on reprisal tactics used by abusive managers. This edition features blacklisting.

I would also like to draw special attention to the membership drive. Please consider renewing your membership early – the “Join/Support Us” page has already been updated for the 2014 year. Please also consider inviting others to join.

The newsletters will also be posted on “About Us” page.

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