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Essential reading for the abused, frustrated or soul-battered salaried professional

If you are an abused or frustrated or soul-battered or apathetic or cynical or burning out or targeted salaried professional (teacher, civil servant, lawyer, doctor, engineer, scientist, urban planner, accountant, analyst, communications officer, etc.) then you MUST read this book: DISCIPLINED MINDS – A critical look at salaried professionals and the soul-battering system that shapes […]

Professor Brian Martin’s advice to whistleblowers and other workplace targets

If you are trying to understand why your boss or organization is targeting you for only doing your job and doing the right thing then consider this. If you need to defend yourself because you are being attacked, suppressed, mistreated, or disciplined at work for trying to signal or address a problem then consider this. […]

WikiLeaks – A powerful resource for secure and anonymous disclosures

Of course no method is completely secure with zero risk but this service has an outstanding track record – and it has powerful bodies with unhealthy secrets worried… WikiLeaks is an internationally recognized secure service based in Iceland for anonymous whistleblowers who wish to leak sensitive “governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents,” sound recordings, and […]