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Essential reading for the abused, frustrated or soul-battered salaried professional

If you are an abused or frustrated or soul-battered or apathetic or cynical or burning out or targeted salaried professional (teacher, civil servant, lawyer, doctor, engineer, scientist, urban planner, accountant, analyst, communications officer, etc.) then you MUST read this book:

DISCIPLINED MINDS – A critical look at salaried professionals and the soul-battering system that shapes their lives

by physicist and author Dr. Jeff Schmidt.

You simply must. It’s a game changer.

For a preview, here is a wonderful short audio slide show about the book: LINK TO AUDIO SLIDE SHOW.

However, this is the kind of book that must be read from cover to cover to derive its intended message and impact because of its thorough and rigorous design covering all aspects of the subject from selection to professional training to the work environment, with detailed explanations of the psychological and social aspects. There are also excellent examples from several professions and intriguing stories of both adaptation and dramatic failures.

It had the effect on me to allow me to relive and recast my professional training and development in order to best decide where I wanted to go and how I could change my circumstances. It saved my soul.

The book also provides concrete suggestions for simple actions that can make a big difference.… Read the rest

Professor Brian Martin’s advice to whistleblowers and other workplace targets

If you are trying to understand why your boss or organization is targeting you for only doing your job and doing the right thing then consider this.

If you need to defend yourself because you are being attacked, suppressed, mistreated, or disciplined at work for trying to signal or address a problem then consider this.

This is the best introductory-level advice for whistleblowers available.  It is the introductory advice prepared by professor and researcher Brian Martin (Australia) who has dedicated his entire professional career to researching whistleblowing and to helping whistleblowers.

This is the most important web page of beginner self-help advice you will find:


Brian Martin’s intro page contains:

  • Speaking out: what you need to know (leaflet)
  • Leaflet on suppression of dissent
  • The Whistleblower’s Handbook
  • What happens to whistleblowers, and why
  • Telling your story: how to go about writing your story, for yourself and/or others
  • and links to many more resources…

Just click to Brian Martin’s starter page and start considering a realistic and helpful approach to your situation.

And of course join Canadians for Accountability for mutual support, public support, more context-specific advice, further solutions and ideas, and meetings that allow you to compare notes and stories.… Read the rest

WikiLeaks – A powerful resource for secure and anonymous disclosures

Of course no method is completely secure with zero risk but this service has an outstanding track record – and it has powerful bodies with unhealthy secrets worried…

WikiLeaks is an internationally recognized secure service based in Iceland for anonymous whistleblowers who wish to leak sensitive “governmental, corporate, organizational, or religious documents,” sound recordings, and audiovisual media.

If you are a potential whistleblower tortured by unethical malfeasance that puts democracy and citizens at risk, then maybe WikiLeaks can be of use to you.  Here is their site with a secure submission link:

WikiLeaks website.

Since its December 2006 launch Wikileaks has produced more media scoops than the ten largest investigative newspapers in the US combined and its database has grown to more than one million documents.

You imagined such a service as a solution – well it exists. Be part of the international movement towards transparency and accountability. Resolve your work-related moral dilemma. Help clean up the mess.

Wikileaks gets funding from individuals and independent media organization and professional associations and it gets legal and societal structural support from the state of Iceland.

Here is a recent independent web media video report about developments regarding Wikileaks:

Corbett Report on WikiLeaks in Iceland

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