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The Operations Committee leaps into action to protect whistleblowers – or does it?

This piece was first published in the Hill Times on February 13, 2017. Whistleblower protection advocates across Canada were celebrating last week when the news broke that Hon. Scott Brison, President of Treasury Board, had suddenly asked the Government Operations Committee (OGGO) to conduct a review of the federal whistleblower protection law (the PSDPA). This […]

Advice for whistleblowers

Below is a draft one-pager of advice for whistleblowers, which I’m posting here to solicit comments. Feel free to submit them in the comments section. Once I have received and processed feedback, I will post it on our Help and About Whistleblowing pages. There’s much more that can be (and has been) written about whistleblowing, […]

Dealing with workplace bullying

The Harvard Business Review is a great resource for a wide range of management topics. It frequently deals with issues that include our main interest – whistleblowing, accountability, that sort of thing. The blog post below has excellent advice for managers about workplace bullying and the damage to productivity and morale they can do. My […]