Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse…

For a couple of years, Canadians for Accountability has been raising the issue of problems surrounding Safety Management System or SMS.  SMS is a “voluntary”, although the government will say “mandated”, reporting system for the safety of certain forms of transportation in Canada.  In essence it allows rail and air operators to do their own […]

Hiring veterans not a priority for O’Toole

by Sean Bruyea    For the first time in eight decades, issues affecting Canada’s military veterans issues are featured prominently in an election.    With so much at stake, why would government yet again mess up another issue with veterans: priority hiring into the federal public service? Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O’Toole, in another installment […]

Accountability and the 2015 election

This 2015 election has been the longest one in modern Canadian history.  The reason the Conservatives called for such a long writ period was supposedly because there were serious issues that needed a full airing. But a Google search for any discussion of the issue of Accountability shows nothing, zilch, nada.  There is not a […]