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Our History

The founding President of Canadians for Accountability is Allan Cutler, well known for his role in exposing the Sponsorship Scandal. After retirement, he was approached by other whistleblowers looking for support and advice.

Although his own ordeal was over by early 2007, Allan saw the need to create a group to support whistleblowers in all sectors – government, business and volunteer. He gathered a few local whistleblowers for dinner meetings at local restaurants. By Christmas 2007, the meetings had become semi-formal, and the work to begin incorporation was started.

In June 2008, Canadians for Accountability was incorporated as a non-profit organization. Elections were held in the limited membership to select a president, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary and other directors.

in 2014, Canadians for Accountability, in response to a government program which can force an organization to turn over its membership list, changed its constitution to eliminate membership and seek support from Supporters.  C4A is active in looking for secure funding to allow it to take a more active role in assisting whistleblowers.


Our Objectives

The objectives of Canadians for Accountability are:

  • To assist whistleblower through education, social support and non-legal advice,
  • To educate Canadians on the subject of whistleblowing, healthy workplaces and ethics,
  • To promote an understanding of whistleblowing: what it is, the dynamics, the culture, mechanisms and solutions,
  • To promote public awareness of the importance and value of whistleblowing in the Canadian context, including labour unions, senior management and employees, and
  • To promote a culture of truth, transparency and integrity in Canada’s public and private sector institutions and Canadian society in general.


Our Board

Canadians for Accountability currently has ten directors and two board advisors.

Allan Cutler: Past President
Allan is a senior procurement manager with a record of over 30 years in contracting and has managed multi-million dollar complex and sensitive procurements. He spent much his career at Public Works and Government Services Canada and is now an independent consultant. He is well known for exposing the abuses of the Sponsorship Scandal. You can find more information on his web site at http://ascutler.com/. To contact Allan Cutler directly, email allan.cutler@canadians4accountability.org.

Bruce Ricketts: President
Bruce is a technology entrepreneur based in Ottawa with business experience in most parts of the world. He is a medical scientist by education and a technology innovator by vocation. He is a Canadian historian, author and Private Investigator as well as a frequent public speaker on Canadian political and historical issues.  To contact Bruce Ricketts directly, email bruce.ricketts@canadians4accountability.org.

Sean Bruyea: Vice-president
Captain Sean Bruyea, retired, is one of Canada’s leading advocates for the rights of injured Canadian Forces members, disabled veterans and their families. He is recognized as a “go-to” resource by Canada’s media and appears frequently on TV, Radio and in print, always standing up for the concerns of Canada’s serving soldiers, veterans and their families. You can find more information on his web site at http://www.seanbruyea.com/. To contact Sean Bruyea directly, email sean.bruyea@canadians4accountability.org

Ian Bron: Vice-president and Director Social Media
Ian Bron is an evaluation and regulatory specialist. He spent a number of years as a naval officer, and following a brief stint as a teacher he entered government. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Bachelor and Masters degree in Education from the University of Ottawa. He is also a professional teacher (OCT). He is a whistleblower who reported serious mismanagement, unethical conduct and harassment at Transport Canada. To contact Ian Bron directly, email ian.bron@canadians4accountability.org.

Rod Packwood: Director at Large
Rod Packwood was a Senior Research Scientist at National Research Council of Canada. Much earlier, whilst on the RS Executive, it fell to him to write a draft constitution for PIPSC when the exact nature of the Institute’s future was being decided. His late wife Prue was on the Provincial Board of Parole for a while, and when later she mentioned the awful situation that prevailed in Cornwall, she said she believed the Parolee’e reports of sexual abuse, but as the junior member could do nothing. Institutional cover-ups have been on his mind ever since. To contact Rod Packwood directly, email rod.packwood@canadians4accountability.org.

Kevin O’Brien: Director, Aboriginal Issues and Fair Elections
A native of Cape Breton Island, Kevin O’Brien is a former MLA in, and Speaker of, the Legislature in Nunavut.  His knowledge of issues related to aboriginal and indigenous peoples and fair elections combined with his contacts across Canada make him an important asset to the board of directors.  To contact Kevin O’Brien, email kevin.obrien@canadians4accountability.org.

Michael Dagg: Director, Access to Information
Michael Dagg is a founding member of Canadians for Accountability and the principle consultant with Michael A Dagg Associates. This firm has provided clients with key market research data on the multi-billion dollar federal public sector market since 1982. Mr. Dagg obtained his BA at Carleton University in 1969 and completed his Masters in Library Sciences at McGill University in 1971. He has been a pioneer in the development of business uses of access to information and freedom of information legislation in Canada. In 1997 he won a landmark Supreme Court case which enhanced the disclosure of government records. He has been an active board member of the Canadian Access and Privacy Association for almost 20 years. He established the Dagg Lecture Series on Bureaucracy in 2007. In 2007 he established the Canada-China friendship awards, arising from his work with the Ottawa Chinese Canadian Heritage Centre and the Ottawa Chinese Canadian Heritage Foundation. To contact Michael Dagg directly, email michael.dagg@canadians4accountability.org

Brian Mickelsen Gamble: VP, Accountability and Special Projects
Brian Michelsen Gamble was educated at the University of Toronto and ordained as an Anglican priest. He later opted for a career with the Federal Public Service of Canada where he designed and directed executive, senior and middle management workshops both domestically and internationally. He now leads special programs for executives in Double-loop learning and how to integrate and refine their technical and interpersonal competencies to effectively manage systems and people. A Harvard trained consultant in organizational behaviour, he has both advised and lead initiatives in large organizations to: bring about cultural change; build trust; and drive out fear in the workplace. Every year since 2010, Brian has been invited to present his research on a search for a theory for managing for ethical behaviour in organizations, to the Annual International Deming Research Seminar that is sponsored by the Deming Institute and Fordham University in New York and Washington. To contact Brian Michelsen Gamble, email brian.gamble@canadians4accountability.org.

Cheryl Carboni: Director, Intake
Cheryl had a lengthy career at Library and Archives Canada. She was Head, Order Section, responsible for managing the library materials purchase program, and was a Branch Administrative Officer. As well, on completion of the Communication and Change Program, Office of Management Studies, Association of Research Libraries, Washington, DC, Cheryl was appointed as a Facilitator, Training the Trainers Program. On retirement, she obtained a degree in Sign Language Interpreting and spent 10 years as a Management Consultant/ Interpreter for the Interpreting Program, Maryville City Schools, Tennessee. She returned to Ottawa to be with family. Rather than hope and wait for change to happen, Cheryl is committed to volunteer work with organizations that are effective agents for positive change. To contact Cheryl Carboni directly, email cheryl.carboni@canadians4accountability.org.

Cynthia Allan: Treasurer
To contact Cynthia Allan directly, email: cynthia.allan@canadians4accountability.org.

Other Positions

Cecilia Basic: Advisor, International
Dr. Cecilia Basic has worked in technology transfer, intellectual property, education and training in both Canada and the U.S.  She holds Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry.  Cecilia was labeled a whistleblower and terminated from the Public Health Agency of Canada after raising her concerns about the removal of sensitive biological materials from the National Microbiology Lab by departing scientists.  A mother, wife and now developing glass mosaic artist, she is committed to drawing greater attention to the experience of workplace mobbing and bullying that can inevitably occur to those who live and work by their personal and professional integrity. To contact Cecilia Basic directly, email cecilia.basic@canadians4accountability.org.

Leo Lehtiniemi: Special Advisor



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