Accountability and the 2015 election

This 2015 election has been the longest one in modern Canadian history.  The reason the Conservatives called for such a long writ period was supposedly because there were serious issues that needed a full airing.

But a Google search for any discussion of the issue of Accountability shows nothing, zilch, nada.  There is not a stitch of discussion from any party concerning this very important issue.  Oh, there are platitudes being heaped on the quality and value of our public servants and candidates fall over each other to pat veterans on the head like puppies but where is the serious discussions of the issue that affects us all?

Where is the debate on muzzling of scientists, closure of important science libraries, closure of Veterans services, the safety of our food, and on and on.  Where is the discussion on rail safety (remember Lac Magantic?)?  Where is the discussion about real protection for whistleblowers, not the toothless legislation we currently have?  Where is the discussion about renewing the senior levels of the Public Service to bring in fresh blood and new ideas rather than continuing with the transportable hacks that float from department to department waiting for retirement?

Canadians need to understand that politicians work for us.  We pay for their election expenses and their salaries if elected.  So why do our issues take a back seat, or even get turfed out with the trash, to the benefit of pet topics of the politicians?

Politicians tell us that Canadians are apathetic towards elections.  I think that Canadians are apathetic towards politicians.  Prove the politicians wrong and send them a message that we, the Canadian population, are important enough to discuss our issues.

GET OUT AND VOTE.  That will send them the message.



Please Put Us Out Of Business

Kevin Page, Canada’s former Parliamentary Budget Officer, has a new book being launched today.   In Unaccountable – Truth and Lies on Parliament Hill, he describes his clashes with the Conservative Government and has some very sage advice for our Public Service.   As I read an except of the book in the Saturday newspaper I couldn’t help thinking that in Page’s world organizations like Canadians for Accountability would not need to exist… and that would be a good thing.

Page talks about the Public Trust and public servants acting in a system that can bear even the closest public scrutiny, “an obligation that is not fully discharged by simply acting within the law”.

Page is saying without using the words that the public service is just that… a public service … and not a political service.  The code of the public service includes the words: competence, excellence, efficiency, objectivity and impartiality. These are words to live and work by!

I am sure I speak for the rest of the Board of C4A when I say: “Please put us out of business.”

Bruce Ricketts, President, Canadians for Accountability



C4A enhances its Board of Directors

As the number and scope of cases handled through Canadians for Accountability grows and expands, we are pleased to announce a few changes and additions.

Allan Cutler has “risen” to the status of Past President while former VP, Bruce Ricketts, has become President.  Additionally we have four new board members with varied backgrounds and skills which will expand the experience of our organization.

Kevin O’Brien is a former MLA and Speaker of the Nunavut Legislature.  He takes the portfolio of Director: Aboriginal Affairs and Fair Elections.

Cheryl Carboni was formerly the Head of Library and Archives Canada’s  Order Section, responsible for managing the library materials purchase program, and was a Branch Administrative Officer.  Cheryl has taken over the role of Intake Officer.  She will be the first person with whom you will talk when you call or email us.

Cynthia Allan is a former Canadian Armed Forces officer.  She is currently a Director-at-Large.

Brian Mickelsen Gamble is a Harvard trained consultant in organizational behaviour.  He has both advised and lead initiatives in large organizations to bring about cultural change, build trust and drive out fear in the workplace.  Brian takes over as VP, Accountability and Special Projects.

You can find more about our Board of Directors in our section ABOUT US .